Do I have to sleep in the cabins?

-No, you may bring your own tents, or camp in your vehicle if you wish!
- Please be careful when camping in a car and be aware of the dangers of Carbon Monoxide poisoning!
- If you run an extension cord from  ANY outlet to a vehicle or tent you WILL be charged an RV hookup fee, as per park policy. This is non negotiable - If you require ANY power to your vehicle or tent please let registration know and the fee can be paid upon badge pickup.

Are meals provided for us?
- No, you will be responsible for feeding yourself/your group, though we do have traditions such as Fajita Friday. Please remember to pack adequate food stuffs! Water is available from the park.

Are there Day Passes available?

-YES! If you only have one day to come spend with us you're absolutely welcome to join us! Day passes may be purchased on site for $20. 

When does Pre-Reg Close?

-Two weeks before the event starts.

- Do you offer refunds?

Unfortunately, at this time, we are unable to fulfill refund requests at this time.


What activities can I do? 

-Aside from the numerous activities such as hiking, horseback riding, etc.  That our location offers Furry Retreat is unique in that we don't really have a set schedule every year! All our events are hosted by campers like you! If you'd like to host an event please contact us and we'll add it to the "Events" Section of our website for other campers to see. We'll also have a schedule board on location that can be added to on the fly.

-If you'd like to partake in any activity the park offers, such as horseback riding, please note that is NOT included in your registration and must be organized and paid for at your responsibility.

- Please be advised that parking in any location other than the group camp will require you to pay for parking. Passes are $8/day for Oklahoma residents and $10 a day for out of state residents. Passes may be purchased from the park office at the entrance to the park and are your responsibility.

I've Lost something!

-Please be extra careful and keep an eye on all of your personal items! If you lost something please be sure to check with staff, it may have already been turned into them! 

-Alternatively, if you come across something that appears lost, please check the item into registration!  Be advised Furry Retreat is NOT responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items!

Can I bring my kids?
-NO! Furry Retreat is and always has been an event intended for 18+ individuals! We will check IDs and turn away anyone under 18 at the door, no exceptions.