Furry Retreat   October 18-20, 2019  Bristow, Oklahoma

Interested in selling your wares?

Over the past few years we have had folks express interest in selling their wares and products at Furry Retreat. 

As this interest has risen, we have discussed and come to a simple solution with only a few minor rules and reminders:

  1.  We do not have electricity, therefore you will be responsible for providing power for any of your items. We recommend that you have pre-made products, or have a plan to ship the product out if you are going to be doing custom work.
  2.  You may set up your shop by your tent. You will be held responsible for your items and products. Furry Retreat, Knights Rest Retreat, and any staff hold no responsibility for any items that may be lost, damaged, or otherwise.
  3.  If you have NSFW or adult related content, please give notice. While this is an 18+ event only, we do want to make sure if someone is uncomfortable with something that they are able to politely say no thank you and enjoy the other works you may have provided.
  4.  If you are a cash only person, then you will need to have change. Signal does exist, but may be a little spotty in some areas. So if you take cards, please be prepared to have a backup.

          What Might I need to sell my wares?

 If you aren't sure what you will need to set up shop, it's pretty simple and easy to put together. While you have creative freedom to advertise your shop how you like,  here are some suggestions of what to have on hand when you are putting together your vendor's gear:

  1.  Your product and creating supplies! If you pre make and plan to sell, or you do it on site, you can't make anything if  you do not have that with you.
  2.  Display and seating! Maybe you have a folding stand and table. Maybe you're just gonna grab your chair and hang your samples on your tent line. That's A-Okay! Just make sure that whatever you decide to do, that if it's in a potential walkway, you have it marked so other attendees don't risk walking into it.
  3. Storage: Weather is never guaranteed when camping, we recommend a sturdy and strong storage container if you plan to be out with us to ensure the safety of your products and wares.