Furry Retreat   October 18-20, 2019  Bristow, Oklahoma

Rules and Guidelines for Furry Retreat 

As events grow, there are things that change and important information that we want to ensure that is made available to our campers who intend to attend. So we ensure that we have all the information available to you. Below are some important things to keep in mind when joining us for the weekend!

Important Information

Who are welcome to join us?

● Anyone who has registered for the event, whether by pre registration online, or registering on site.

● Attendees who are 18 years of age or older on or before the date of the event. Minors are strictly prohibited from this event.

● Attendees who have signed the Liability waiver and agreement to abide by the rules of the event.

● Attendees are required to provide a form of proper government issued identification at registration.


● Harassment towards attendees, staff of Furry Retreat or Knight’s Rest Retreat, or animals is strictly forbidden. If this happens, please contact a staff member or security member immediately. Be aware that harassment is defined as any unwanted contact, whether is physical, verbal, or sexual, that continues after the offender has been informed to stop.

Willful destruction of property will not be tolerated. Any attendee causing damages occurred on the property of Furry Retreat or Knight’s Rest Retreat will be held responsible for damages.

● It is expected that all State, Federal, and Local Laws be followed by attendees.


● When setting up your camping arrangements, please be aware of the grounds around you.

● Please make sure that you keep the area around you clean and you pick up after yourself.

● Animals on the campgrounds are free range, and therefore we occasionally get a guest or two of the four legged variety. Please do not harass them. If they are getting into something, please contact a staff member and we will assist in relocating the animal.

● Furry Retreat welcomes four legged friends, but it is important that they are able to handle the environment that they will be in. There will be other dogs on site, horses, ducks, and a variety of farm creatures, as well as fireworks, people, and noise. If an animal is not able to handle an environment that can become stimulating, it may be best to let them stay home. If an attendee does bring a pet along, the animal will be their responsibility and they should make sure that they keep the animal on a lead/leash, and with them when they are out in public.


● When preparing for Furry Retreat, please ensure that you have brought with you proper attire. We are very happy to have people who enjoy expressing themselves, but we also want to make sure that you have something warm to wear in case the weather should take a turn for the cold or the wet.

● While we are an 18+ event, it will be required to wear clothing that covers your private areas at all times in public. This is to prevent general levels of discomfort among campers. Also it has been brought to our attention that the risk of ticks is high in certain areas. over all we are fairly laid back about general dress code everyone is welcome to wear anything from costumes to swim trunks.

Spirits, Smoking, Weaponry

● Alcohol is permitted on the campgrounds, Please make sure to drink responsibly. While Furry Retreat has a medic and a staff that is happy to help assist in case an attendee gets a little sick or too drunk, we do reserve the right to cut off an attendee from drinking if they cause a major disruption, harassment, or put themselves or those around them in danger.

● If an attendee at the event is found giving alcohol to anyone who is under 21 during or before the date of the event, it is breaking the law and both parties will be asked to leave.

● In regards to weapons. While there is a firing range event, as well as a few others, it is required that any firearms be left in the owner’s vehicle until the firing range event is done. Any other weapon, similarly, will need to be left in the owner’s vehicle or tent until used for the event. Blades with a length of 2 inches or less are permitted, as well as knives used for cooking.

● Smoking is allowed on the campsite, but please be considerate of those around you as not everyone smokes, and not everyone can handle the smell. When done, make sure to either throw away the butt in a receptacle or other acceptable location. Please ensure that the cigarette is put out.

Medical Marijuana

  • Knowledge of Oklahoma state law toward the use of Medical Marijuana is the responsibility of the card holder and ignorance of the law is never an excuse.
  • Medical Marijuana use IS allowed on the campsite, within designated areas, of our convention to valid Oklahoma Medical Marijuana License holders and those possessing a valid Oklahoma Temporary Patient License. Oklahoma does not allow reciprocity with other states' medical marijuana cards except through it's Oklahoma Temporary Patient License, meaning that Furry Retreat will not be recognizing out-of-state licenses.
  • If you are not an Oklahoma resident, then you will need to get a Temporary Patient Permit. Information is available here: Temporary Patient Application Information. If you have questions, contact our security officer.
  • Medical Marijuana use is only allowed within designated areas. we have several attendees who come from states where Marijuana is still illegal or who have severe allergies.


● Minors are not allowed at the Furry Retreat. Attendees must be 18 years or age or older in order to attend.


● It is required that you have your badge on you while you are at the event, and able to produce them if it is requested. This is for the attendees safety. If an attendee does not have or loses their badge, they can go to registration for a replacement.

● Tampering the badge in any way shape form to change the information on it is not allowed. Event Organizers

● Event orginzers, security, and on site staff want everyone to have fun. Attendees are required to oblige the requests that are given by them.

  One more thing It’s great that you’ve read through this. And we look forward to seeing you with us. We generally trust that our attendees will follow the rules of common sense throughout the weekend, and understand that the staff is always here to lend a helping hand when it’s needed. Never be afraid to approach a staff member for any reason.