Furry Retreat   October 18-20, 2019  Bristow, Oklahoma
  • Take Exit 217 for OK-48 toward Bristow/Holdenville.
  • Turn Right onto OK-48 N.
  • Turn left onto E0960 Rd.
  • Turn right toward N3700 Rd and continue on that road. It will turn into S385th W Ave.
  • Continue onto S 385th W Ave.
  • Turn right onto @361st st S
  • Turn left after half a mile.
  • you'll arrive at the gate!
  • Make sure that you close the gate behind you after you have entered as animals roam freely!

Finding your way to Furry Retreat is an adventure in and of itself. As you go from interstate to small towns, and from small towns to the off beaten paths, it can ocassionally feel as though you may have taken a wrong turn. Rest assured that you aren't the only one, and that you more than likely are not as lost as you believe! That said, we will make sure that there are signs available!

Coming from 1-40 ?